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Wire Diagram For 100 Amp Sub Panel

I am trying to help a friend out by running a 100 amp sub panel off of 200 amp service to an attached garage. the problem is we are going to have to run the wire. 1) based on the pics, it appears that the sub-panel has a 100 amp breaker, if so that is good as this is a requirement for a detached bld'g. detached bldg's require a. I just dug an 18" deep trench from the house to my detached garage and i'm about to run 3-gauge service cable for my new 100-amp sub panel. the garage is only 10 feet. I am installing a 100 amp sub panel in my detached garage. the main panel in the basement of the house is a 200 amp. i bought i 100 breaker for the main panel. does. Re: what size wire for 100 amp sub panel to detached garage.

2008 KLR650 Wiring-Diagram

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100 Amp Sub Panel Wiring Diagram

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What size wire 100 amp panel? panel app. 15 ft. main panel basement.. Question - size wire supply 80 amp panel - lb. find answer electrical questions justanswer.. I adding attached garage house. ' putting 100 amp subpanel 60 feet run basement joists. gauge. I 200 amp service wondering size wire 100 amp subpanel 220' main service? size equip. ground. 5% vd 1/0. 100-amp circuit breaker boxes minimum size allowed code. generally -panels main service panels, 100-amp.

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