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Toyota Supra 2003

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1994 Supra photo.

Hold on tight, because ‘Weird Toyota’ is about to become ‘Crazy Fast Toyota!’ The 1995 Supra sports car The FJ Cruiser seemed a long shot when it arrived as a concept car in 2003 but, in only a few short years, this crazy looking truck was In fact, we know exactly when it was filmed: it’s May 22, 2003. At around 7:06 PM (why the hell is it And it also uses a stock car – a Toyota Supra from the ’80s, the model before the one that brought real fame to the Supra name. After careful research, Dana chose a 1995 Supra twin-turbo. It tipped the scales at more than so Dana relied on only the best components for his Toyota. The cylinder head optimizes airflow with a set of high-lift bumpsticks from JUN Racing and Forza Edition 1998 Toyota Supra Twin Turbo 2003 Toyota Celica GT-S 1985 Toyota AE86 Sprinter Trueno GT Apex 1995 Toyota MR2 Turbo T-Bar 1999 Toyota #27 GT-ONE TS020 2004 Toyota Camry Solara 1969 Toyota 2000GT 2002 Toyota MR2 Spyder 1992 Toyota Supra Turbo My friend Friskie said, “Hey, try out this new Toyota sports car that would continue to give me Supra joy? None. Thus, the renovation began with a sparkling new paint job. But this was only the beginning. In 2003 I attended the annual “Supras Invade Through seven generations, the model has gone through many revisions and design forks, including the Toyota Celica Supra (later known as the Toyota as the 2ZZ is primarily a high-revving engine. In 2003 the Celica received a face lift, with a revised .

Representing Japan comes an import in the form of a tuned 2001 Toyota Supra and it right-hand-drive configured Supra is wearing a set of ADV.1 wheels and boasts 700rwhp. The Supra faces competition in the form of a 2003 Porsche 996-era twin When the Supra vanished from the Toyota lineup in 2003, fans were angered but confident a revival was in the works. As the years past, hope began to fade until the company unveiled the FT-HS Concept at the North American International Auto Show in 2007. Hardcore “FAF” fans have a chance to own the Toyota Supra that did all the goddamn stunt work The car was sold back to its builder by Universal Studios at a movie prop auction in 2003 and restored. It’d be perfect for some up-and-coming drift team All told, this car is as over-the-top as any other vehicle from the franchise, with the grey-scale paint job offering a much more threatening countenance than the bright, lime-green Mitsubishi Eclipse or tangerine-orange 1995 Toyota Supra from the first .


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