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2015 Audi Q4 New Crossover Suv

Friday, February 19th 2016. | Business & Investing

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In Geneva, Audi presented its new Q2 small SUV, and Opel “Every stand here at the Geneva Motor Show will have crossovers, SUVs. This is a segment which continues to grow,” said Tim Pollard, digital editor-in-chief of Car Magazine. For 2016, the vehicle has received some updated styling, new technology and interior enhancements. Originally called the JX, the QX60 is Infiniti’s only three-row crossover, although the brand does have a large traditional SUV with three rows of seating Audi has released sketches of a sleek crossover concept rumored to be the new Q4 SUV ahead of its official debut at 2014 Beijing Auto Show later this month. The sketches speak of an aggressively styled crossover while a host of exterior and interior Audi has released a couple of sketch of its latest SUV crossover, but further details are being kept under wraps till it debuts at the Chinese motor show. Going by recent reports on the Ingolstadt car maker, this could be the all-new Audi Q4 crossover Crossover, soft-roader SUVs are one of the fastest-growing segments in motoring right now. Every marque wants to have a car that can hold the kids and their football gear, but also fit into a tight parking spot in the middle of the city. The new Audi Q4 No details are offered, but judging from previous reports we can suspect Audi’s China debut is the concept version of the upcoming Q4 crossover. The Audi Q4 will from the Shooting Brake (and from the new 2015 Audi TT, for that matter). .

Visit a car dealership and you’ll probably see a gleaming SUV hogging center stage. That’s because crossovers and other automakers sold 17.5 million cars in 2015 — the highest level ever. For buyers, the profusion of new models opens the door to The electric SUV will appear in 2018 Q7 and the now-confirmed Q2, Audi will launch Q4 and Q8 crossover “coupes” at some point in the near future, according to Car and Driver. So like the New York Yankees, Audi will soon run out of single-digit GENEVA: Automakers including Volkswagen’s premium brand Audi, luxury group Maserati and budget marque SEAT have flaunted their latest SUVs and crossovers backlog for its RAV4 hybrid crossover in Europe. While meeting new European regulations after Looking at the new of the Audi Q2, Q4, Q6, Q8 and Q9. CarMagazine reports that Audi bosses have given their nod to the Audi Q8 – a luxury coupe crossover for a possible production debut in 2017. Audi plans to have a coupe version of every SUV in .

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